If there is a factor we all know about queer people, its that we would


representation and a banner is a method to program excitement, community, and of course,


for our

LGBTQ+ identities

. Whenever you have been to kind of any Pride parade, you are aware that queer flags span well beyond the classic rainbow.

Now, we are specifically speaing frankly about the bisexual banner, a renowned representation of bisexuality.  In order to truly respect the bi flag in every of her glory, we have now generated a list of a few of our favorite bi flag facts. Let us get into the deets:

The flag was created by activist Michael webpage

Time for an instant background concept, individuals!

The bisexual banner was made by bisexual activist

Michael Webpage

in 1998 after realizing that many people in the bisexual community struggled feeling attached to the rainbow Pride banner.

Webpage noticed that many bi folks felt overlooked of some Pride occasions, and planned to produce symbolic specifically for the bisexual society.

But solidarity was not truly the only intention behind the bi banner. Webpage also wished to

foster a feeling of bi exposure

.  In the end, bi erasure still is alive and happened to be even worse back the 90s.

To really make the flag because easily accessible as you possibly can, Page didn’t include any trademarks or patents, but instead declared it 100percent complimentary for commercial use—which is strictly why we get to see many of beautiful bi flags at Pride!

Source: www.lgbtqnation.com

The bi flag assisted kick-off Bisexual exposure time

The bi flag wasn’t the thing created to advertise bisexual visibility—an entire getaway came after. In 1999, the bisexual area started establishing every September 23rd as

Bisexual Visibility Time


Ever since then, bisexual exposure has actually expanded to a complete few days ????. Bisexual Awareness month is actually commemorated yearly from Sep 16th – 23rd and is a powerful way to honor and celebrate the bi folks in your daily life. (such as yourself)

Fun reality: since it was actually tougher for bisexual folks to locate the other person, bi activists worked collectively in online chat rooms to acquire another and draw understanding to this vacation. Even today, social media marketing still is a strong instrument in order to connect bi people.

The tones for the bisexual banner have actually an unique meaning

The bi flag isn’t only rather to appear at—it has some pretty cool symbolism associated with their background.

The level of red or fuchsia towards the top is considered to express individuals having same-gender attraction, such as for instance homosexual or lesbian people.

The layer of bluish towards the top symbolizes those who have opposite sex tourist attractions.

And the coating of lavender in the bottom (a combination of bluish and pink) represents those people who are drawn to the ones from the exact same sexes or various genders. AKA, bi people ✨

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Origin: www.womenshealthmag.com

There is an attempt at generating a bi banner emoji

Advocacy for bisexual individuals certainly hasn’t ceased within creation of the banner. Today individuals are demanding a digital banner. Yep, we want a bi flag emoji!

Many social networking systems have actually a rainbow banner emoji, (there’s today a trans one too ????️‍⚧️), but there is but become a bi flag. But last year, an application engineer and bisexual area advocate
Tanner Marino
attained over to the Unicode Consortium and asked for a bisexual flag, and then have his offer rejected. (Evidently, the Unicode Consortium don’t believe it would be utilized really frequently…)

But Marino began a petition that reached over 10k signatures. You heard that right, folks—queer folks arrive!

Regrettably, Unicode does not simply take petitions into consideration within their emoji-choosing procedure, and there has actually yet are a bisexual flag emoji. But the hands are crossed. Discover hoping that bi people (and just about every other queer communities currently missing an emoji for his or her banner)  manage to get thier emojis quickly.

The bisexual flag empowered bisexual super

Listed here is a great brand new phrase for your family: bisexual super! Bi super occurs when an image, movie, or movie utilizes the colors from the bisexual flag (green, blue, and purple) to highlight or display an individual’s bisexuality.

It appears


But do not just take our word for this — take a look at Janelle Monae’s songs movie,

Make Me Feel

. Additionally it is been included in the iconic Ebony echo event,

San Junipero

,  Demi Lovato’s songs video

Cool for Summer Time,

and Ariana Grande’s

7 Rings.

By-the-way, we’ve got articles specialized in
bisexual celebrities
that cannot end up being overlooked.

Whether at a Pride parade, on a t-shirt, or even in a music video clip, the bi flag is actually symbolic and a beacon for bi people every-where.

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